20110816-IMG_3982“My family puts the ‘fun’ in dysfunction.”


This blog exists as a creative outlet for my dysfunctional, yet fun side.

I am a 29 year-old divorced woman who has lived a colorful life. I am naturally a redhead with

very fair skin and lots of freckles. You will never see me in black mascara…I think it makes me look like a raccoon.

This blog focuses mostly on my attempts to understand fashion and be fashionable.

You will also probably see a lot of my rabbit, my birds and my love for Gibbs of NCIS.

I also believe in saving money but spending money well. So you won’t see my page

covered in what is called “fast fashion”. I also don’t believe in purchasing cheap knock offs

for the sake of appearing to own a specific brand. I believe in environmental responsibility, consumer

awareness and I am very liberal. I will do my best to keep the politics out, but consider this your warning. 🙂

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